“On Writing Family” (Cabana Chats)

Writing Family Stories (Scott Cheshire, Los Angeles Times)

“A Novel Look at the Brain in Literature.” (SUM: Research, Innovation, and Creativity at CUNY)

“Good Riddance to Bad Blood” (Hannah Booth, The Guardian)

“Addiction, Schizophrenia, Dyslexia: All in the Family”(SUM: Research, Innovation, and Creativity at CUNY)


The One You Get By Jason Tougaw” (Alex Tunney, Lambda Literary)

The One You Get” (Amos Lassen)

The Elusive Brain” (Jean-Francois Vernay, TEXT)

“The Elusive Brain,” with N. Katherine Hayles’s Unthought: The Power of the Cognitive Unconscious” (Stephen J. Burn, Modern Philology)

“The Elusive Brain” (Krista Roberts, a/b: Auto/Biography Studies)

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